Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grass Widow, Village of Spaces, Broken Water, Rattlesnakes FRI APR 29th

FRI APR 29th 2011 8pm sharp!!!!!!


On Friday, April 29th, Apohadion Theatre will host Grass Widow with Broken Water, Village of Spaces and The Rattlesnakes.

Grass Widow (San Fran.), after making quite the name for themselves on their home coast west, have been migrating about this country, charming at every stop. Music that is never tired, weaving itself into and out of and into obscurity with just enough psychedelia to bring you to an ethereal plain with enough of a backbone to keep your heels close to earth with voices that flirt with the upper stratus. GW has appeared on the labels Make A Mess, Captured Tracks and Kill Rockstars (

town for the evening to add expanse to an already great show is Broken Water (Olympia). Broken Water combines shoegaze with something ungazed upon, touched with grunge. (

VILLAGE OF SPACES......Inside Outsider folk music from the Beckman-Moon family. Beware, Vos will play first (

The Rattlesnakes, a favorite amongst local critics and fans to boot play this one as well. Despite the disclaimer buried somewhere on their Myspace profile that they no longer use that particular social networking site I think you can still hear some tracks on it. (

This show will begin at 8 pm EXACTLY. Please bring 7 or 8 dollars as a donation so we can give these volks all they deserve. See you on Friday.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Heya Folks, The new VILLAGE OF SPACES CD "ALCHEMY AND TRUST," is finally available!
Below you can listen to the first track.
The vinyl version is getting squeezed thru the presses as we speak so within the next week that will be available too........ to your left is the cover art for the cd/Lp. To order the CD click on the PAYPAL button below........

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Village of Spaces Corners Spring Tour Single

“I like the way they navigate.

I like hearing their process of navigation.

I think you will, too, and I think they’ll

take you to a place that makes a great

deal of of sense once you get there

but a place you might not find

without their help,”


Ovum's influence by Village of Spaces
Village of Spaces (formerly Uke of Spaces and Uke Of Phillips,) is a folk group from Belfast, Maine. They have recorded numerous albums and traveled back and forth across the country for the past 10 plus years, playing shows every hundred miles or so, soaking in sulphur springs, doing seasonal migratory work, and visiting friends and family along the way. Influences include Gordon Bok, Michael Hurley, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Marisa Anderson, Lucinda Williams, Nina Gerber, Harry Partch, Jean Ritchie, Big Blood, The Fugs, Alice Coltrane, Uncle Bobby, Mary Offermann, Phil Corhan, as well as Lady's Mantle Dew, eggs poached in creamed Sorrel, Marshmallow Root, Saw Palmetto Berries, TULSI with all her names, Puera Toucha, PG TIPS, Blue Dream, Nettles, Ashwaganda, and Children and the cycles of life.